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Control Mixmeister Studio with Traktor Kontrol S4

I am creating a mix in Mixmeister Studio. Is it possible to attach my Kontrol, S4, so that I can control the volume levels in Studio with the nobs on S4?

It sounds much easier rather than having to use the mouse to create smooth volume adjustments in Studio.
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  • It should be.

    When you have your S4 plugged in a small hand icon, rather than the standard arrow cursor should appear when you click on a function on-screen. From there it's a matter of moving one of your S4 controls to teach it what you want to do.

    I've probably explained that very poorly. You might have to do something in the MIDI section of the options screen, I can't remember, it's been a while since I had a MIDI controller.

    You could try googling for a midi template for your S4 for MM.
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