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Definitive answer on Adjust Segment Position please

Could anyone tell me how I can activate the ‘Adjust segment position’ on Mixmeister Express. This question has been asked before on the forum and despite various so called solutions I cannot get anything to work. I used to have the Express 6 and was able to easily drag the intro to the exact point where I wanted the track to start (dragging the track in the timeline). My computer got fried so I bought the new version of Express but just cannot find a way of activating this valuable tool. The forum suggests that it is no longer a feature in the updated version whereas other contributors suggest various tweaks none of which have worked.

Can anyone provide me with a definitive answer and if this tool is no longer available in Express is it available in Studio or Fusion? By the way I emailed Mixmeister a similar query months ago but have had no response.
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