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Did they upgrade Fusion?

Just got an email from Mixmeister about an upgrade. I note the version is 7.7. I already have 7.7.01. Does today's upgrade go beyond 7.701? Did Does Options/Midi still have the Stealth template?

Also, someone please remind me where my serial number is.
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  • I’m Happy MM exists but wish it was as good as the Windows version was back in the day :(
    Nope - :( this is the same 7.7 I've had. However, the support was quick to reply - which is a ton better than what it was two years ago. I was using MM for all my "draft" edits because of the (relatively weak) key detection features, but I had to switch to Logic Pro (which, by the way, sucks compared to the last full version of LP).

    Anyway, still a great app for roughing out mixsets, making remixes and producing mashups.
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