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I’m frustrated

Exporting Playlists

I am trying to upload my playlist from Mixmeister to Mixcloud, but the Format has to be MP3 , what can I do?
I would like to share my playlists with friends, so another DJ was telling me about Mix Cloud. So far I 've been exporting my mixes to Zune and I tunes and it plays fine through those....however its difficult for my friends to I joined MIx Cloud. I exported my playlist to "MY DOCUMENTS" but it does so as a wave File and I needed to be a MP3 ! HELP!
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  • Mixcloud is a really good platform for sharing mixes :)

    Anyway, in Mixmeister, choose "Export playlist to file". Then I believe you have to select the file type from the dropdown list in the popup screen that appears (default will be .wav). You can also set the bitrate (choose 192kbps or more for some acceptable sound quality). That's it :)

    If this doesn't work for some reason, you can also convert the .wav file to an .mp3 file (there are tons of tools out there that can do that trick :)
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