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External Hard Drive and Mixmeister

My iTunes library is very large and housed on an external drive. Are there any special installation steps I need to go through in order to install version 7.7?
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  • I also maintain a large library on a personal cloud. As long as your external device is visible to your computer (shared with appropriate rights), and you are able to create a path to your library in preferences, then you should be all set.

    On a side note...I have reorganized my library multiple times. Each instance involved moving files to different locations. In each instance I deleted Mixmeister plot files (*.mxm), rescanned files in their new location, and repointed to new file locations when loading playlists (*.mmp) in MM. I doubt that I really needed to do all of that, but I wanted to be sure that information was accurate. I would consider storing plot files in a separate folder if you believe you will be moving files around in the future.

    Also, if you move content, be sure to run a library cleanup.
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