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I’m frustrated.

Fresh install - adding to library crashes the program. The whole thing is unusable.

Hi, I've done a fresh install and deleted everything to start again several times. The whole thing just crashes. No matter how I add files (including automatically adding) the whole thing either crashes or fails to load all the music past the 1st folder. It's a brand new Samsung M2 SSD drive for programs and brand new 1TB Samsung standard SSD, new top of the line asus motherboard, I have a 6 core 3.0 GHz processor, 32GB ram, 64bit Windows 10 professional, virus and malware protection turned off, I've done clean boot etc etc. I've split my folders down into smaller folders etc (I'm run a computer repair business so trust me when I say I've tried pretty much everything) Please help! PS Even deleting files crashes the program. I've downloaded the latest version, updated the iLok program too.
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