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how do I import songs from one category to another in Studio 7?

i created a new category that i need to import songs that are in other categories into this new category in studio 7, how do i do this????
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  • You need to first copy and paste or move all the songs you want into one folder on your hard drive for window software.
    You could manually select each song and place it into your category but that's very unorganized.
    The most important thing is to organize your music you want in separate folders on your hard drive first you can have a folder called 2014 Pop and have subfolders for the months of the year. Then you can choose the January folder and only those songs will add to your new category. You can also create a category say (2014 Pop year) for example and when add the file 2014 pop all the subfolders and songs for the months of the year will also be selected into your category.
    Hope this makes sense
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