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I’m very disappointed in this happening with Mixmeister

I am having a problem the mixmiester program

Letter to mixmiester 10.13 PM 10.24.2017

I am having a problem the mixmiester program. Its not bringing up the tracks I worked into a title mix. When I open an already saved mix, instead opening the mix with all track that were put into the mix, what is does is goes into searching for each tracks when those tracks have never change folders and I have duplicates in several drives and its doing the same in all the separate drives. So what's up with. This is really screwing up the work that have put into my mixes in dedication to the mixmiester program, for many years.

Why is mixmiester behaving this way. Has a virus taken away the memory data in its ability to find the tracks that were within titled mix. I was shock as now I have to find a way to fix this. I mean imagine that every time I am going to open one of my 8hrs mixes which is over one hundred tracks and instead of opening the mix it goes into to searching every time it brings up a track, because the program can not find what it did when it was working properly.

Either the program's data directives are deteriorating for some reason. I have tried uninstalling reinstalling to see if it goes back to working. I have gone through the repair re-installation and the error remains the same. I have tried everything I know and I can not get mixmiester to work anymore. I have over two hundred mixes and I can not open any of them without this problem happening. I am dead in the water.

Mixmeister Problems

As a DJ I do my studio recording mixes on a desktop computer. Within my gigs I use a laptop computer to play. I keep my Mixmeister mixes on an external drive (M) and a backup drive (G). One of the problems that I am having in using my backup drive (G) for a gig with my laptop is that since the Mixmeister mix was recorded on drive (M), when I open the mix from my backup drive into my laptop, I am opted to search for the all the tracks that are within that mix from my backup drive (G).

This is something that can not happen while I am at pay gig. I should be able to switch drives at moments notice without any problems, in having to search for all the tracks that were already documented within Mixmeister. Mixmeister should be open to play from any drive as long as the computer recognizes the software without the hassle of also recognizing the drive that it was originally done in.

Even when I rename the backup drive as the same as my primary external drive, it still opts me to search for the tracks that were already documented within my backup (G) from my primary external drive (M).

When I want to start a new mix, rather than opening a new blank Mixmeister program I have to open one an already mixed compilation, then delete the play list to install the a new play list.

If I forget to rename the new mix soon after I installed the new play list, and start mixing and save what I have mixed and I have not renamed the mix, I will have lost all the work I did in that last mix. If I had no backup, it would be gone forever. I think that's pretty screwed up to have no correction for this mistake, in your software.

3. I would like to be able to re-position my tracks on the timeline without using the anchor to do so, by just positioning my mouse cursor over the track, holding it on a right click and dragging it to the position I desire. I think this is much easier visually than using the anchors.

4. When I want to render more than one mix into automatic create, it will not do both at the same time. One cancels the other one out, in that the program asks if you want to replace the first one. Meaning that it will not create that second automatic create, while another one is being created.
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