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I’m wondering how to spin, juggle, balance on the end of my nose with a memory stick and still look like im a dj? present have a spy camera.. projecting what my fingers are doing...

I Love MM, but i cant get the videos im mixing to show on the screen..sound but no pic..i`m using a Samsung S3511..can anyone help?

HI Mixmeister men,

Dj Darlusknight here..just wanna say.....i`ve followed and bought mixmeister from the beginning... and every new program surpasses the last and i`m extremely happy...Let me explain...I`m A UK Trance/hard/prog/funky/as long as it works dj...took wild horses and excessive excess baggage fees to persuade me to at least try ...(cant even say it now,CD`s)...Then what i thought were lazy djs started using .....mp3`s..their mixes sounded fantastic...yet they looked like they were on facebook or emails..(i will get to the point) until i went behind the decks..turntables...3 gathering dust, cd players `3 gathering sitting watching his mixmeister program number 6 at the time..i was both facilitated watching how little energy he expended for his set..and upset..why?... apart from my mixing...i spoke when needed, and danced.. threw my vinyl in the air whilst spinning, scratching with my nose etc...with dismay i saw the future...and thought how could i embrace mixmeister technology whilst trying to show my mix techniques..? I`m still struggling with that laptop and mixmeister fusion comes with me now...i`ve learned how to mix sound, and video...I`m also interested in making my own back grounds when theres no video. Now i`ve a huge problem...i cant get the videos to work on my Samsung laptop.. something about i need to change my video card... can anyone help please? Thanx Darkusknight
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