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Idea (Via Forum)

Honestly...this is the worst program i have ever worked with,the most buggy software to date...Biggest mistake buying it,and less then 12hrs after purchasing it i tried to get my money back but no chance.I thought the fact the effects were not working and crashing if i try and switch to viewing the plugin,before i bought this crap,was because it was a demo,i thought the beat grid section was not functioning properly because its a demo or scrolling,i spend more time trying to get the page to stay in the area i zoom into then anything else,if i try and scroll at the bottom towards the right or left it jumps the track,its glitches when you have the treble marker or bass down,even the volume,iv spent 2hrs trying to work out why my exit marker keeps vanishing,my Bpm line does not show me all the Bpms not unless i zoom really close,you cannot delete just one grid marker,you have to delete the whole lot,what a pain in the ass,i spend time taking into Abelton sorting out timing as Mixshiester gets confused when trying to work the grid....Crappppp!!!!!!..I really wanted this software to work,i saw a lot of good ideas in it,i tried to do work arounds to fix things but Bollocks to it,I'v been trying my hardest to work with it but after a month of this crap,I'm out,done with it....I sent a nice email to the help/tech guys the first day i bought it and i was told to hold on for an update,im still waiting and honestly i think they will never fix all the bugs,i the funny thing i can list soooo many more...
I legally own Traktor1&2,Serato scratch Live,Abelton,Logic pro,and i work in a studio,i Dj 5 nights a week,so i think i may have just a little bit of knowledge about software and work arounds and the Djing also helps my understanding,reason i say this is because some tech guy is gonna try and give me some silly reason to why its doing all of this or it maybe my Mac... and i'm not having it,i have no issues with any of my other software...Only with MIxshister ..I bought this program because i wanted a half studio style half Dj style software to do a legal retail CD comp for a company i work with and i thought this was gonna be the answer to my dreams and make things easy for me,what a let down and a waist of time,its got the better of me,i hate to let a software beat me but it has....It wins the prize for having all the potential of being a fantastic program but when actually using it,it being the most disappointing and frustrating buggy as hell software on the market and a complete waste of money,i feel sorry for the person that attempts to go out and actually Dj with it,if you do and it works for you than i think you deserve a prize from this company....So annoyed....And i want this Mixshiester company to know it.Tech guys should of addressed all the issue a long time ago...This version is more than a year old and they have known of many issues with it and choose to do nothing..Mixshiester...
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