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Important - Please uninstall before updating to the latest Mac version.

Dear all,

Some customers have reported issues updating to the latest version.
The new version has been totally rebuilt and there are some potential incompatibilities with old preferences.
If you have an issue and had a previous version installed please follow this procedure.

- repair library preferences
- clean all caches
- reboot
- ask for a new link, download the version and reinstall.

Below the entire exact procedure:
1. Remove the MixMeister software. I recommend using a 3rd party uninstall
utility. If you do not have one, try one of these for free.

· For Mac OS, you can go to

2. Run some basic system maintenance to provide a cleaner slate for the
software installation.

· For Mac OS
a. Repair Disk Permissions
§ Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility - select your
volume on the left, then click Repair Permissions button below

b. Reset PRAM
i. Shut down the computer.
ii. Locate the following keys on the keyboard:
iii. Command, Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down
simultaneously in step 4.
iv. Turn on the computer.
v. Press and hold the Command – Option – P - R keys. You must press this key
combination before the gray screen appears.
vi. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup
sound for the second time.
vii. Release the keys.

3. Reinstall MixMeister Software

*NOTE - If you need new a new download link, let me know. I can provide one to

Also, It may be necessary to delete and rebuild the MixMeister database to
resolve issues such as:

· Files not importing to Library / Not populating in Library
· Crashing of program upon launch or upon quit without any errors or
indications of problem
· General problems with Library that is not resolved by simply Cleaning Library
or manually deleting all contents of library and re-importing.

Delete and Rebuild the MixMeister Database

1. The MixMeister Database file is located here: Macintosh HD -> User ->
Library -> Application Support -> MixMeister Technology -> MixMeister
Engine 7 -> "catalog.mdb"
2. Delete this file and relaunch the software to rebuild this database file.
3. It may also be necessary to uninstall MixMeister, delete the entire
"MixMeister Technology" Folder in the location listed above, restart
the Mac and then reinstall the MixMeister software.

Locate and delete Preference Files

Go to the following location and delete any .PLIST files that says
“mixmeister”. Then reboot, and launch MixMeister again.

Finder > [user name] > Library > Preferences