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Install Mixmister on windows 10

Hello! I tried to download and install Mixmiester Fusion trial on Windows 10
I did get an error and could not install it. I also got one other program installed that called Ilock license manager ? What is that?!license-manager
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  • Under windows 10 64 bit: use the 64bit version of Pace Ilok.

    The ilok manager is protection software but with a huge benefit, if You buy a new computer and forgot your mixmeister licence, no problem, start Ilok licence manager, log in and voila, Mixmeister will run again.

    Start the ilok manager, do you see mixmeister there?
    If not, then you need to log in onto pace and then, mixmeister will work.
    Forgot the login? Visit the pace website and request new password of user name or both.

    Mixmeister runs on windows10, sure Fusion.
    Studio may have a problem with keycode not visible.

    Mixmeister will use Pace Ilok from now on.
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