Is Mixmeister Control with Windows 7 really just scrap metal?

Alllright, I haven't heard a lot of great things (unfortunately) about this product, but I'd like to post my question here. I'm running windows 7, and I tried out the Mixmeister Fusion + Video trial and FREAKING loved it, very intuitive, I was making some sweet mixes. I then found a Mixmeister control, and took my chance to grab it. It came with the Fusion live software, and it installed fine. But when I tried to open Fusion Live, it tells me that Mixmeister can't find the required hardware. Okay. So I go back to fusion + video (which I'm using just because of ogg support), and I can select Mixmeister control from the MIDI control, and select Mixmeister control from the template settings... but the program is unresponsive to anything I do with Mixmeister control. Should I even hold out for a fix to this problem, or am I out a wad of cash?
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