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Issue with opening an pre-v7.7 MM playlist file in Studio v7.7

Lately I was working on a set I had initially done in Studio v7.4.4. After upgrading to v7.7 I tried to open the set in the new version of Mixmeister, however a lot of the tracks did not load at first. But I got the pop-up box to select the folder in which the music files were located and I checked the box "do this again the next time" (did this many times before in v7.4.4 when I renamed folders).

Unfortunately this didn't work 100%: the strange thing was that although the whole set played just fine in MM (including the tweaks), the exported (.mp3) file was silent for most of the set duration. After reloading the playlist file (.mmp) I got the same "missing files" message. So somehow MM is not saving the new folder/file locations but is still able to play the track within the program (although in export fails)?

Anyway, to make a long story short I had to reload the playlist file again and again, selecting one new missing track at a time (it was a 20+ track set ...)

A couple of things I noticed:
1. The properties of the "missing" tracks showed no folder names:


2. For the final missing track MM kept on "scanning bpm". In the folder there was a .gmon file. After renaming this to the tracks .mxm file the issue was gone.

I'm not sure if all this is related to each other, but I thought I'd let you know :)
Cheers, Ronald
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