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MAC: Memory Leak?

Is use Mixmeister Fusion 7.6 and i have a Problem:

It seems that MMF needs during running time more and more Memory.
When i play Songs it needs around 200kb per second. The more Tracks are in the Library, the more RAM per second is needed. Earlier i had 25.000+ Tracks in my Library and during play i needed up to 1MB per second.
The Big problem is, that i use it live on stage, so after a few hours MMF uses the max amount of 3GB RAM and crashes after that. On Stage absolutely not acceptable!

i installed MMF on a fresh MAC OSX 10.10 installation. (It didn't work also on an Lion Version)
Why doe's it needs this raising amount of memory?
Whats wrong there? What can i do?

Reinstall with complete deinstall (also prefs and files) didn't worked.
MMF was bought in Feb 2015.
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