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Mixmeister Express 7.6.1 sound effects won't load

I'm in the middle of a project on Mixmeister Express 7.6.1 and when it's working I love this software, however I've a problem. I contacted support last week and haven't heard anything back so any and all help gratefully received. The sound effects I need to use aren't loading. The files have been used in M. Express in the past and haven't been altered or changed location. I've tried rebooting the programme, laptop, cleaning the library and reloading everything but it has had no effect. In the Title/transition panel I also have over 70 old and redundant sound effects listed on the drop down menu that I can't get rid of. I noticed someone on the forum had the same issue a few years back but the community couldn't solve it and no one from mixmeister responded to the post, so perhaps they got in touch direct. I'm running windows 8.1, I mention that as there seem to be a lot of mac related problems. Any suggestions?
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