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I’m confused

Mixmeister from MAC to PC (at no extra charge) due to incompatibility with OS Catalina

Hello. So, I've been using Studio 7.7 on MAC OS High Sierra, (I believe). It's REALLY buggy, of course. And I DEF cannot upgrade to MAC OS Catalina for fear of losing Mixmeister altogether. I have read the following disclaimer from Mixmeister.....

"...please note that Mixmeister will not work on macOS Catalina. If you wish to continue using this software/app, please continue to do so on macOS Mojave. Your licence will also work at no extra cost on Windows and our software will work with all popular Virtual Machine software such as Parallels or VMware."

Okay..GREAT. Lol

Now can someone walk me through this? I have an awesome Dell laptop. So I'm ready. But only "Serial number", I THINK it my activation code???? (I dunno) So I tried it anyway and went to the mixmeister site, I guess I'm "upgrading"?? (I dunno) So, I tried entering my activation code (at checkout) into the "promo code" field.... Again, have no clue what I'm doing. Of course that doesn't work. So although the notice from mixmeister tells me WHAT to do, is there anyone that can tell me HOW (step by step) to do this? I feel so dumb....hahaha! Also, what is "Parallels" and "VMware". Yeah...maybe I am dumb. LOL Anyway...thanks in advance. :)
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