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Mixmeister Fusion wont analyze new song files

Everytime I drag a new mp3 song (previously not analyzed with a .mxm plot file) into the playlist of a Mixmeister Fusion that has been booted for more than 30 seconds or so, it doesnt analyze the tracks or bulld any plot files or waveform.

I have to save the playlist with the new song and reboot Fusion. And only by rebooting Fusion with the new song in the playlist upon firing up - it analyzes the new track.

Really not handy when you are playing live in front of an audience with Fusion. And you have new tracks or requests to drag into the playlist in the middle of your set

I am using Fusion + VIdeo
Operating System : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version: 10.0.15063
Build : 15063
64 bit

This problem has existed even before upgrading to Windows 10
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  • I hear you, but mixmeister staff just does not give a hoot about our problems with their extremely expensive program. I have become a master transition beat mixer and I have many mixes from 2009 when I left the software Acid 7 and move to mixmeister. I was already doing with Acid 7, what mixmeister came up with in its software. However there has always been problems with the software, but I have alway worked it around the problem. However there just some problems that one can not fix.
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