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Mixmeister sound qualty versus screen updtating VU for instance

Ok, Mixmeister doesn't need to be 64 bit , that's understandable.
But on 2/4/6/8/12 core CPU's then all video related things should be able to run on other cores, so that playback can be a highest quality without having any influence on the VU readout and so on.

I use a 8 core processor. I never reached real full use of this system, meaning all cores at full load.

Using mixmeister, playing a blueray disc, running autocad and inventor all at the same time still uses max 6 cores.

So Mixmeister, why not split all video related stuff (what we see) on another core then tha actual mixing core of mixmeister?

This would speed up the general impression of Mixmeister.
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