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I’m confused and frustrated

Mixmeister Express and Vanishing Comments


I'm using MM Express 7. I used Mixed in Key to find the key of my MP3s, and had it save the key code to the Comments tag of the ID3 tags.

I import my tunes into MM, and the Comments column displays these key codes. All good so far.

However, when I close MM and reopen it later, the Comments column is blank. I then need to delete and re-import my tunes in order for the Comments column to be populated again.

Also, some tunes that I have key analysed simply do not display the keycode in the comments column at all, even though the info is there when I check the file properties.

I have converted all my files to ID3 tags v2.3, as advised in a thread relating to this I found on the MIK support forum.

Any ideas why it's doing this?

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