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mixmeister fushion bpm trouble

hi all i,m having trouble with some tracks, i am mixing with techno in around 150bpm but when i put some into mixmeister it shows up as 86bmp (but still plays at 150bpm) but then some tracks i put in show up as178bpm (and also plays at 178bpm) they just wont mix together. has anybody had this problem before & can anyone help me please?
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  • Occasionally, MM's BPM Analyser will analyse the bpm as either half or double what it actually is. Traktor's bpm analyser has similar problems, so this isn't just MM being crappy. From my experience, this happens most frequently with stuff which isn't 4/4 (some bass, electro, juke, dub, hip hop, etc).

    It's easily remedied by going into the track profile and over-riding the analysed bpm by doing one of the following;
    clicking the button marked 2x (if it's too slow, 1/2x if it's too fast)
    manually tapping out the beat using the space bar or left mouse button (not feasible for really fast tracks IMO)
    manually typing in the bpm if you can source that info in some way (beatport or juno might be able to supply this info)

    This will overwrite the analysed bpm reading and save it to the mp3 metadata for future reference.
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