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Mixmeister Fusion+Video doesn't detect videocard

Mixmeister Fusion + Video doesn't detect my videocard config, in the "Video" menu all the submenus are grayed out, in the "Tools-Options-Video" panel in the "Monitor to use for fullscreen video" it shows empty drop-down list. OS used Windows XP SP3, videocard NVidia GeForce GT 520
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  • I'm not sure what version you have.. but I just purchased 7.4.2 and had the same problem the work around was tech support sent me 7.1.1 ... Before they did that, I had installed 7.4.2 and then for fun I installed the demo again, copied the "mmvideo.dll" file and pasted it to my desktop. I backed up my mm database file c:/users/(user name)/AppData/Roaming/Mixmeister Technology/Mixmeister Engine 7) then uninstalled everything and then reinstalled 7.4.2 and pasted in the mmvideo.dll from the demo and then I had video again. I would recommend only using the video montage with photos and once you set it, leave it, I have had major problems with it crashing right in the middle of a show if I fiddle with the video montage. I dropped in some photos from the club and left it alone. (just a little sidebar suggestion)
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