Mixmeister Studio virtually unusable in OSX Lion

Before I upgraded to Lion, I was running Studio on Snow Leopard with absolutely no problems. The playhead would run through the songs very smoothly, I could zoom in and out of my timeline with my mouse wheel easily, I could place volume markers where I wanted them, and in and out points would go where I told them to go etc.

Now I've upgraded to the new operating system and it's so dreadfully slow and jerky that I'm unable to do any of these things without getting frustrated. When I play my mix, the playhead runs through it jerkily, when I try to zoom in with my mouse wheel it doesn't respond very well or instead of zooming in progressively it jumps. When I try to move songs around manually (with Snap To Beat switched off) it isn't accurate and smooth, it jumps around as well, and this is a huge problem when trying to work with acapellas that aren't quite in time.

I thought it might be an issue of RAM so I tried doing all of this with just Mixmeister open, nothing else, and the same problems occurred.

Please help. Until this is fixed, I simply can't use this software because what used to be a 1 minute task is now more than double this. I'm spending more time worrying about the issues and less on my creativity.
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