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Mixmester multi threading support

In the settings of Mixmeister, You can change the difference between accuracy of the mix compared to the accuary of the on screen item, like VU meter action.
So if You decide to get max audio quality, then the on screen display gets lagged.

Why not divide these actions on muliple processors?
I have a quad core with hyperthreading.
Most people now have at least a dual core.
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  • Also: effect processors like dual resonators and so on could run on other processors. Mixmeister does use several threads ..wait , not mixmeister, windows handles that.

    True: CPU use in mixmeister is low but a processor handles more then one app combined with swap , a legacy of older days where just one processor had to handle all. An true, windows can swap threads over several processors but strangely enough, all mixmeister threads go to one core.
    The OS (windows7) can disable cores in benefit of a bit 'overclocking' on a single core. Applications can reserve cores, even in explicit mode (windows will not use the core, true with limitations.

    Effect processor plugins can benefit from the 64 bit OS.
    Mixmeister as is..not.

    Or port mixmeister to Linux, more flexible related to multicore use.
    Linux is becoming more and more a serious OS for video and audio production.
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