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MM Fusion 7.7 CRASHES when trying to add a folder of music. WTF!!!

Whenever I add folders to MM7.7 by dragging and dropping like I've always been able to, a DO NOT enter sign appears. The music is ON the same drive as the program is installed on.

Then I click the PLUS sign to add a single folder. The hourglass appears for 2 min and MM 7.7 CRASHES! WTF has happened to this program? I like it better when the damn P-LOCK wasn't there... I have MM Fusion 7.7. PLEASE help... I've been a DJ for over 35 years and using MM for over 15. I love(d) the program but now I've had to resort to Virtual DJ because MM SUCKS! I want to go back... but it's TOO unreliable. if you can help. My site is the right side of the at symbol
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