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MM Studio MP3 Scanning issue

MM Studio (OSX Mojave 10.14.1) will not anymore scan new MP3-files and generate MXM files, neither by dragging the MP3 to the library window and start playing them nor by importing them by Files > Add Files to Library neither does adding the files to the playlist window help :-( Is there hard limit on the number of MP3 that are supported (I have quite some music ...) ? Or is there a work-around ?
Note: Preferences > Library > Automatically update library is not working either. When I turn on this functionality MM Studio goes blank after starting the scanning process
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    Hey Moritz - I have had a lot of problems after upgrate my MacBook Pro to Mojave 10.14.1 and now 10.14.2. I have tryed a lot of things including sendt a support ticket to Mixmeister. But no answer at all. Not anything else from the support team (If such a team excist at all). After install and download of the latest 7.7 build 2 version and reinstall I think i have solved most of the problems. But I have to test it first. Try to uninstall and reinstall with download newest version. Only the man behind the mixmeister facebook page have been answering. That really sad from the company, but its the facts about customer service from Mixmeister.
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