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MM Fusion and Camelspace

Camelspace (CS) is awesome, it's all the effects you need in one place, but there's two problems with how CS and MM work together.

1) CS's preset 'on' status is not great. Everything, ALL the various FXs are on, and on full when you drop that effect package into a track.

Is there a way to change this? (I've had a look but couldn't see anything)

2) MM often fails to track automation properly in CS. Playing back a set where there's been any use of CS is very hit and miss in whether MM remembers what has happened and when it has happened.

On playback, MM occasionally ignores the CS adjustments entirely, occasionally forgets what has happened where and occasionally reverts to the preset 'on' settings entirely. It also occasionally uses CS settings used at an earlier point in a set if I've used it on more than one track in a set.

It's the "occasionally" aspect of this which makes creating a workaround impossible.

This is problematic and looks like there's an issue with how MM tracks what it sees as 'automation' settings for this particular VST.

This doesn't happen with any of the other bundled effects.
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