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More advanced song slicer

It's be great if the song slicer be upgraded a little more. I have some ideas.
1. Some songs have a bpm which vary. For example the "Imma be" by Black Eyed Peas which in the beginning has 92 bpm and then in the middle it goes to 122 bpm. I have found a fix - to set the song on 92 bpm only and from the middle to the end to set manually measure start markers to each beat and then on the timeline panel to set from the middle of the song new Tempo Marker. But there is a small problem - when I have to set a new transition. MM will gives me automatically the 92 bpm. And imagine when I play live it might happen to forget and then failure goes on! And what happens when there is some songs which have even 3 or more bpms... And to those where the change is near to the transition... So I think that the elegant solution will to be able to set new bpm-s on the song slicer itself and which to be able to be saved on the tweaks.
2. Some songs on some place just miss the 4/4 rhythm (I don't know if I use the right word, sorry if I not), I mean that "tic-toc-toc-toc" occasionally on some times happens that there is only "tic-toc" and then the song goes as the 4/4 normal rhythm. Then the song slicer does not recognize this anomaly and form "tic-toc-toc-toc" goes to "toc-toc-tic-toc". Take for example the "Modagor - Running Away (III Sound Academy Dub Edit)". On the 01:15 there is such of case. So I think it will be good the song slicer to have the option for such of pieces.
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