Mountain Lion FIX!!!!

Hey guys..... This might sound strange BUT I seem to have fixed the mountain lion compatibility issue by mistake! I really wanted MM to work on my mountain Lion mac but it just simply did not work. So I went and installed Windows XP via VMware Fusion and then installed a windows version of MM... and then while running windows that version of MM worked perfectly as expected...... but then one day I saw that I never did delete MM from my osx applications folder so I went to drag it to the trash can but by mistake I clicked it open instead and for some reason it opened fine AND it works perfectly as if there was never a problem in the first place!!!!!

VMware fusion (windows xp) does not need to be running just needs to be installed... I have absolutely no clue why this seems to fix the mac version and make it compatible with mountain lion but I guess it does

Kinda funny that I had to install windows to make mac software work?!? so strange but I'm happy!
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