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NVii controller with Mixmeister Fusion???

How do I use my Numark NVii with Mixmeister... I guess the proper term should be midi map it?
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  • Truth is MixMeister is very ill suited for live performances, both because of the low sound quality output and the way the program is structured. Consider using MixMeister for planning and pre-recorded mix tapes only, and use your controller with Serato, Virtual DJ och similar dedicated software. Even the dedicated MixMeister Control that was manufactured back in the day was horrendous. I threw mine away.
    • I disagree with the notion that MM is ill-suited to live performance. I use MM Fusion 7.4.2 with a Traktor Audio2 MK2 card every week to do my sets and have done so for ages now.
      I only occasionally use the Mixmeister control nowadays because I either know all the keyboard shortcuts that I need or I dont have the space in the console for it and have learned to use the software without it.
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