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No Dual Output with DJM250 MK2 Mixer

I bought a Pioneer DJM-250 MK2 with the direct USB connection and am not able to get dual outputs with it from Mixmeister - both Cue and Main go to the same channel on the mixer.

Only choice in the Audio Output Configuration is DJM250MK Line for both the Main and the Cue.

Pioneer setup shows USB 1/2 going to Channel 1 and USB 3/4 going to Channel 2 on the Mixer

I tried ASIO 4 All and can split the Channels, but the sound quality is poor.

Do not have this issue with Traktor Soundcards - they appear as 2 different selections for 2 channels in the Audio Output Configuration. I can feed the soundcard into the 2 Channels and it works, but was hoping to bypass the soundcard and use the internal one in the mixer via the USB connection.

Any recommendations?
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