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Numark Fusion 7.7 and Numark Controllers

I bought a Numark Mixtrack 3 controller. In Options/Midi, Mixtrack 3 is the only choice in Hardware Control and Midi clock output, but the only choices in Control Template are Custom, MixMeister Controller, Numark Omni/Stealth Control, and Numark Total Control. Numark Tech Support advised me to select Custom, then, one-by-one, I mapped about a dozen Fusion controls like Load onto the Mixtrack 3, using Options/Midi/Control Template/Custom/Customize. I at least made progress, but the Mixtrack 3 is still close to useless for me, since the ones I mapped were so limited and the Mixtrack 3 has many great live features. Just to resume mapping more usefully, can any one on this board give me step-by-step instructions to:
1. How do I map High, Mid, and Low EQs, onto what Mixtrack control?
2. How do I map the playlist Transition drop-down, onto what Mixtrack control?
3. How do I map Zoom In & Out Timeline (+ and - on keyboard), onto what Mixtrack control?
4. How do I map Outro track and Intro track, onto what Mixtrack control? Mixtrack fader controls don't do anything. There is only ONE Fusion command in the Customize list; how do I assign TWO -- Outro onto the left side of Mixtrack, Intro onto the right side?
5. Jogwheels don't work at all. How do I get them to work?
6. Adjustment knobs don't work at all. How do I get them to work?
7. How do I map keyboard Page Up and Page Down library, onto what Mixtrack control?
8. I was only able to map moving UP one-track-at-a-time, onto only PUSHING the Browse button? How do I get it to go DOWN, and how do I get it to SCROLL up and down by TWISTING the Browse knob?
9. How do I activate Mixtrack's Touch Strips?

Since Omni/Stealth at least has a Template in Options/Midi/control Template drop-down and advertises itself as compatible with Fusion, I am considering returning the Mixtrack 3, and replacing it with a Stealth, which I can still get retail. However, I don't want to do it if I encounter the same high level of INcompatibility expressed above. I absolutely don't want to waste any more money if I cannot control EQ knobs and jogwheels.
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