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I’m confused

Playing mix in MixMeister sounds different than when exported

Hi guys,

I installed the trial of MM yesterday and created a mix to see what I think of the software. The main issue I had was on some transitions it has issues with syncing.

I'm familiar with the beatgrid and modifying it didn't help. Basically I modify the beatgrid so the transition sounds perfect, but when I export the playlist (mp3/aiff/wav, doesnt matter), the rest of the mix is fine but this particular transition is completely off. Now this is what is frustrating, why would hitting play within MixMeister sound different to how it has exported the sound? How does one work like this?

I was modifying the beatgrid in MM so it would sound off within MM, then exporting to see the difference, and the best result I got from the exported was when it sounded horrible within MM. In the end I ended up just playing that transition within MM and using 3rd party software to record my PC speaker output, then overwrite that chunk of the mix exported by MM.

Software crashed a few times and a few other glitches, but otherwise it's wonderful. However, I'm unwilling to pay for a license with the issue I have described until I find a solution for it ... If I were video editing in Premiere Pro, I wouldn't expect the export to show something different to what I was editing.

Any help would be appreciated.
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