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I’m Pissed

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Tell me before I go into my ranting and complaining about MM. Have you found any other similar program that works better than MM? I have had many problems with MM and I have had all the versions. The last was 7.7 which took away what I paid for in Fusion + video. It was working find at first. However later when I try opening my render mixes, it would start searching for all the tracks on the playlist. I complained to MM staff and even talked to one of them on the phone. They said there was nothing wrong with the program and that was their solution. I purchased MM May 2009 and I paid $399.95 for this program and last updated to 7.7 and I can't get it to stop searching the playlist tracks in all my mixes that have been already done and over. MM is not irrelevant to my world, f..k the DJ world. They don't do anything for my work. No one cares how good I do my transitions, but myself and it's myself that I have to entertain in making them perfect. Only Dee Jays understand what another Dee jay is doing. The public does not care.
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