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I’m frustrated

Potential Security issue - /Applications folder on OSX gets too wide permissions - MixMeister 7.7

Hi there,

I was installing MixMeister studio 7.7 and couldn't help notice my Mac fans started to spin like crazy, I opened terminal and tried to see what was going on and found following commands being executed by MixMeister installation process:

root 9686 12.8 0.0 2498340 4888 ?? U 8:03PM 1:27.64 chmod -R 777 /Applications

and later...

root 9849 47.9 0.0 2497308 2512 ?? R 8:06PM 1:03.06 chown -R vladi everyone

Now my question, are you guys serious? This is worst type of security fix I've ever seen.
When it comes to OSX native files, Apple preserve permissions in the folder, but everything else I installed under Applications got too screwed permissions leaving system wide bad permission on my Mac system.

I was using MixMeister 7.6 and MixMeister 7.4, they never touched my Apps in /Applications folder. Why this now?
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