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I’m frustrated

PromoOnly file tag info change back to default state upon reading via MixMeister Fusion...

PromoOnly mp3 file tags change BACK to default info upon reading via MixMeister Fusion... Most customized info is LOST or CHANGED in half of files upon export to directories monitored by MixMeister Fusion.

All other files acquired from TM Century, Amazon, iTunes, ANYWHERE work FINE after updating tags using either MP3 Collector, iTunes, or Windows Properties. BUT, files acquired from PromoOnly get changed (seemingly back to default info) or lost after being read by MixMeister Fusion!

I've tried everything that usually works:

* Pre-changing all "Part of a collection" drop-down to "No"
* Deleting all data in "Comment" fields
* Closing MixMeister before exporting to MixMeister monitored directories
* Making sure all files aren't checked "Read Only"
* Consulting with PromoOnly staff

The only thing that seems to work is to WAIT to AFTER exporting files to MixMeister directory, and THEN individually customize each file tag (sometimes up to 500 files). It's a shame MixMeister Fusion can't rename fields in mass.

PromoOnly recommends I cease using iTunes to edit the tags. I also use Windows and a now defunct program called "MP3 Collector".

Well.... It's now 5 yrs passed since this was originally posted, the problem remains... but NOW, PromoOnly remains as the ONLY viable subscription music company. It's now "ride or die". A solution MUST BE FOUND.

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