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Proposal for additional features

So, since it looks like development has been picked up I thought I might re-post my suggestions for Studio (or any other version for that matter) (it was my first post on this support form - over 2 years ago - I never got a reply ... :))

1) I would love to see some more 'resolution' in bass / mid / treble levels; for most of the time I notice that I work in between 0db and -4db or so. It would be great if I could set the limits in the graph plot to (for example) 0 and -6dB (instead of the full range as it is by default). Or is that already implemented and I simple don't see it ?? ;)

2) I have trouble adding a track at random point inside a mix (not as an overlay). Adding the track itself is not a problem, but all tracks that follow at that particular point don't move over; manually moving is also a bit tricky and impossible if there are split tracks. Is there a way to 'lock' (or group) tracks ??

Apart from that I would love to see the possibility to set beat markers only to selected parts of a track (instead of "all or nothing") - this will greatly help when mixing 'difficult' 70s and 80s dance music for example :)

Just my 2ct :)

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