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Question from jarens13 (via Forums) Dual Output

I am trying to set up my MacBook Pro with OSX 10.6.6, Processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB Memory to work with MixMeister in dual output mode.

I have connected a simple iMic/USB and configured MixMeister in Tools>Audio Output Configuration to play Main through the Computer and Headphones thru the iMic. Did not work. The sound for both Main and Cue(Preview) came through the Main Computer soundcard. So, I switched. Same thing.

The audio for both main and preview play through what the MacBook pro is set to play through no matter what I set MixMeister in the Audio Configuration.

So, I purchased a M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Same thing. Even though I have connected speakers to channel 1/2 and headphone to 3/4 and set up MixMeister similarly, the sound is coming out for both main and preview from the same channel. Not only that, the M-Audio sound itself is very poor.

With so many comments about success with M-Audio Fast Track Pro, something must be wrong with my settings. MixMeister Audio Configuration Advanced setting is set to "CoreAudio". ASIO is grayed out.

Any thoughts from anyone who has successfully gotten dual audio support out of MacBook Pro & MixMeister?
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