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Question from kidtango (via Forums) (64 bit)

Hi everyone. Im new here so i hope u will be kind Smile Hoping to get some help with this one. I use MM Fusion latest version in trial mode, and after install when i try to open app I get an error in windows 7 ultimatre X64. It says something like this: configuration error 100, and after closing this says that the program cant save my playlist, and to save it on to another location?????? Than closed and thats it! Any idea? Any help would be great couse i wanna se if this can work on my computer.Tks!

My specs are: Proc intel quad core Q 9550 2,83 G, 4 gb of ram dual channel 1066 mhz,videocard asus hd 3850x2 1 gb with 512 bit, mainboard msi p45neo2
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