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I’m frustrated

Reinstalling MIxmeister Studio over and over!

Please help me!
I am very fond of Mixmeister Studio 7.7 I use it for work! It is important that it works without problems, but I have so many problems with the program, since I bought it in oktober 2015. I have re-installed the program frequently with the cd I bought. If I restart my pc, I also have to re-install Mixmeister. That has worked so far. But still not ok. The program has never asked for my licencenumber...? And what is it with the program iLok? I can not make it work? This time (after re-installed Mixmeister 15 times over the last 4 months, suddenly it says like in the picture:

"The licensing service requires to activate this software is not running. Please reinstall the product or download and run the iLok LIcense manager installer here: http//"

I have tried all that, but I cannot get ilok installed because it is already installed. I can not remove iLok and re-install, because I cannot find the program in my windows 10 under "System" - "Apps". I have tried to contact Mixmeister throug Facebook, but no luck. Please help me.
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