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Some improvements for live performance wish list

I have used Mixmeister Fusion for some time and here are a few things I'd like to see:

*Playback points (16 pref) with MIDI recall for each track individually- To be able to skip around using midi keys/buttons when on main track.

*A way to work with samples better live - perhaps give an option to quantize so when triggered, samples land on the 1 of the beat during playback.

*Be able to pump out/capture mtc. The best way would be to give that option after saving so a time code can be populated.

*Give it scratch-ability

*More vst involvement: multipressor with multiple busses for sidechaining, sidechained compressors, more vst options other than a single.

*Make the mapping system a bit more user friendly - hard to tell whether something has mapped.

*Give the ability to plug in multiple midi controllers

That's it for now. I will definitely let you know if I think of anything else.

Dmitriy Chumachenko
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