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Suggestions for Augmenting MixMeister (from a Seasoned Veteran)

(1) The main sources of frustration I consistently encounter in the software is in regard to keys and keycodes. First, I think we can all agree, MixMeister's key analyzation engine is pretty good with minor-keys, but is sorely lacking in major-key detection capability—let's face it—it's virtually non-existent. To circumvent this I depend on the industry standard software, Mixed-In-Key. (I also use KeyFinder now when I don't have internet access.) The problem is, even though these programs both detect and write to my InititalKey id3 tag field, MixMeister does not recognize this or read from these embedded values. So, I propose an amendment, at least optionally, to read straight from those tag fields and display their containing values wherever they're represented in MixMeister.

(2) In the Tweaks pop-up window I feel like there needs to be an option to make a selected tweak read-only as a preventative measure to avoid accidental over-writing.

(3) When working with some songs produced in the 20th century or some sample-containing songs, the measure marker grid shouldn't necessarily be contiguous. Meaning there are sections in songs that start after interludes of nontraditional or non-musically-conventional—i should say—time periods.

For example in “Another Life” by Kano the first downbeat of the break occurs at 108:2 (instead of typically on the four—at 109:0). This throws off the grid for the rest of the song. So, as a solution to this, I suggest being able to “disconnect” elements of the grid from one another (so MixMeister won't try to inappropriately warp these sections and the synchronization of your next transition won't be inappropriately offset by half a half note.)

A sample-containing example would be “For You” by The Disco Boys ft. Manfred Mann's Earth Band, which de-rails during the breakdown.

As example of a different nature, “Get Ready to Bounce Recall 08 (Dream Dance Alliance Rmx)” by Brooklyn Bounce, deviates completely from the primary tempo of 140 during the breakdown—which is not completely uncommon.

The work-around I currently employ is adding in multiple copies of the same track in the playlist. Then cutting where to splice separate grids of the same song together. This is inconvenient and unintuitive to say the least.

(4) With bigger libraries like mine it's inconvenient to try to relocate the source track. A “duplicate” option from the menu would be very useful. Perhaps Ctrl+D, as this is the shortcut Ableton Live uses for this purpose.

(5) Alternative skins! For me, the default green is uncomfortable on the eyes and the waveform doesn't contrast well enough with the rectangular background that contains it. I prefer the “cool-blue” someone made. I gave complete skin creation a shot myself and posted my effort on the forum (it's unmistakably orange!), but it would be greatly helpfully to the graphically inclined if a .psd document of the skin was included with slices or guides delineating the pixel range the program pulls from for various elements and to ultimately synthesize what you see when you open the software. For example, I have changed the color of the adjust zoom slider in every .jpeg version of the skin but still it remains black! I'm at a loss for where this color is derived from or how to change it.

(6) AIFF support. Some DJs/audiophiles are moving towards this format as it offers all the meta-data features of MP3 with the lossless quality of WAV. Perhaps, the most popular DJ-orientated digital music retailer, Beatport is now offering their tracks in this format. I think it should be something to consider.

(7) To be able to generate a text file containing the title, artist, album, and filename of each track in a MixMeister file. This would be very useful to at least see what an old playlist contained. I have playlists from old computers where all the files have since been relocated. Currently if I wish to see their contents, I have to try to open the file and type up the details from every prompt for new file location. Also, if some files have not been relocated they'll show up in the playlist after all the prompts have been dispelled with. This leaves you wondering where they were positioned. So at this point I open the file in notepad, which is a real mess, but with patience I can determine track position for the tracks still in position. Some solution to this would be very useful for experienced users like myself.

(8) To see the minutes/bars of a selected section. Say I drag my cursor from measure marker 20 to measure marker 95 in a song. I would like to see—perhaps in a status bar somewhere—the duration of the selected portion. This would be so helpful when editing tracks for consistent length (say in a megamix). Or just whenever re-editing with length in mind.

(9) Abandon or be able to disable the orange mix in/out markers. They are a nuisance when building complex mix-arrangements. Also this would free up the program for more convenient re-editing.

To the future of MixMeister! And thank you for the seven great years of mixing entertainment your unique software has provided me!
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