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Unable to deactivate / reactivate iLok license

I activated my MM license on my desktop and my laptop. Unfortunately, my laptop died a tragic death, and I had to replace the motherboard. I reinstalled the same hard drives in the laptop after replacing the motherboard, so I thought everything would be just as before. It seems as though iLok uses a hardware parameter in defining a location id, because iLok will not recognize that I have an activated license on the machine, nor will it allow me to deactivate the old license and reactivate it using the new location id that iLok has created.

iLok support informs me that they are unable to do anything about the issue, even though it's their software that will not allow the deactivation to occur. Furthermore, they insist that it is MixMeister's issue due to the way licenses are distributed. I submitted a support request to MM support nearly two weeks ago. I received a response from one of the support staff (RM) asking for information that I had already provided in the initial request, to which I replied immediately. I have not heard back from support since.

What can be done?
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  • This issue has been resolved, though very awkwardly and in an entirely illogical manner. Having to issue a cross-upgrade replacement activation and completely reinstall MM seems like a lot of overkill when the core problem is a faulty location id in the iLok license manager. It is my opinion that the iLok solution presents an odious burden to users, and an unnecessary burden to the MixMeister support team, especially when problems arise.

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