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Update MixMeister for 2014 Please!

I've been using MixMeister Fusion Video for 8 years now. Although I use to VJ and used MM to program a whole nights programming of MPEG video, I've moved into radio in recent years. There is nothing like MM to program a show! I do a disco show and use MM to mix all the tracks; so much easier then back in the 70s with vinyl!. When doing non-mixed material, nothing is as easy as MM to crossfade and sequence from one track to another.

People in the radio trade watch me using MM and they are astounded that I can mix, search, cue and programme whole shows of music so easily. I mainly use FLAC now for best quality, occasional waves and MP3's. This is such a great program for live work, allowing you to prefect mixes, playlist, tweak mixes and add requests whilst playing live using 2 sound cards!.

Surely some other VJ/DJ software company could buy the rights to MM from Numark? Maybe they could just buy Numark? Certainly a Sony Music or Adobe could make this programme a winner across the world. It is certainly one of a kind!
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