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Uploading files to library..Constant crashing

to whom it may concern...i first bought 7 express because i spoke with a gentleman that worked for you guys,and he said for what i needed it for,it was the best choice. well it turned out it had nothing i needed,and had to make another purchase to fusion..i purchased mix fusion from you guys about a month or two ago. when i started i had a long night of uploading files of music to library. when i would upload a random folder of music,the program would constantly crash. i even tried different folders of its not just a single folder,some work and some wont, and when it said to upload report of the crash to mixmeister,even that didnt work, it told me to email report to a specific email,and it has been about 2 months and have yet to recieve a resolution to my problem,so hopefully if i post here, i can get this resolved through you guys..this is what it told me to email: C:\Program Files\MixMeister Fusion\DUMP-3304-1004-20150404-062159.dmp..i hope this helps you guys to figure it out. i cannot upload my folders/files without my program crashing..i like this software dont get me wrong,but after spending what i have already spent for software,i would think that i would get good customer service,and i have been ignored...please help with this situation. i have a great deal of music and i dont want to keep having to upload single file by file..thank you


thanks michael mccloud
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