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Unusable software/Error 100

I am unable to use MixMeister Fusion due to the "Error 100" message which has been in existence for at least 6 years from what I can see and yet still there has been no fix released. I tried everything that was suggested in previous forum posts (e.g. compacting or deleting catalog.mdb) and even tried reverting to Fusion 7.4.4 but nothing has worked.

This piece of shit software is a joke. The fact that it is still being sold despite having numerous bugs, non existent tech support and no updates/upgrades is ridiculous. I really hope nobody is fooled into shelling out good money for it. I have actually been actively encouraging people not to purchase MM as there are so many cheaper and even free software's out there e.g. Mixxx, Cross DJ etc.
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    12.16.2017 12.51 PM
    I totally agree, as I had called months ago about my mixmeister problem and the female that answered said she would generate a ticket number and email it to me about problem. I never got it and I have put in several support request online. First I had to prove to them that I had purchased mixmeister, because when they change to 7.7 I still had in their records a old email address, which they could not find. Since they renew to mixmeister 7.7 they eliminated fusion + video which is what I had paid for from the beginning. I had to paid an extra $21.00 dollars to get 7.7 version. The mixmeister staff has always been lacking in giving its customers reliable support and I am amaze that they are still in business. The program has had very little improvement changes since I purchased it in 2009. Around 2003 before mixmeister came out, I was already doing manually with sonic foundry Screenblast ACID 4.0 what mixmeister does automatically. I was kind of surprise when mixmeister came out in doing automatically what I had been doing for years with Screenblast ACID 4.0. My thoughts were that Screenblast ACID 4.0 had now advanced in becoming mixmeister made from Screenblast ACID 4.0. The problems that I have now is that since they have been become so protective of the software they have incorporated the ilok manager software a License Support Win64 program that will not let you use mixmeister unless one is on the internet to verify your registered computer or computers to use the program, whether one has paid for it or not. I have found this to be a very bad problem, because any time that one disconnects one's computer to move it for a gig, if one is not connected to the internet at the gig, stuff luck, you can not use your work with mixmeister because it will not open for you.
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