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I’m angry

Where the hell is my download????????????

I paid 200 bucks for studio and all I got was an email with no content!!
I was directed to a download page after payment and fortunately I took a screenshot of the key and order number so at least I can prove I purchased it but then I closed the page after that because I never knew it would be so difficult to find again.
The only way I can see to download without the link I previously had is by going through purchase/download screen again which Im obviously not going to do.
This is so stupid and irritating. I have no invoice, no information about how to download!!
Am I blind or are mixmeister such a dumb company that they fail to realise I may need this link??
After much searching I finally found the link to request a download of previously purchased products so I complete the requested fields with serial etc and all it does is send me more blank emails!!
So I then fill out another request form to be told I have to wait 72 hours for response.
I am sooooooo infuriated by this. What kind of software company does not even have an easily accessible link for paying customers to get their product!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SORT THIS SHAMBOLIC MESS OUT OR REFUND MY MONEY!

PS - Send me an invoice and a confirmation. Blank emails are good for nothing!!
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