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Will replacing my hard drive harm Fusion finding tracks?

I have 6,000 tracks in Fusion. When I bought a new laptop awhile back, I remember Fusion could not find the tracks at first, and we had to change things in Windows' Users folder to reconnect Fusion to its tracks.

Now, I just bought a new internal hard drive, am cloning my existing drive, which I will replace with the new one. The new hard drive's manufacturer tells me there are two partitions and I should put the OS and applications in one partition, and files in the other. I fear this will mean a repeat of what happened when I bought the new laptop.

Is there a simple way to lock in Fusion's connection to its tracks safely when making this change?
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  • As long as the new drive has the same drive chararacter so C, D, E etc
    And the sound files are located unbder the same drirectory, then there will no problem.

    if one of these two change, then bad luck, Fusion will not find the sound files at all.

    Wit a laptop, safest is using a external drive as long as you take care of this external drive and as usual, backup, backup backup.
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