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Will MixMeister Express work on an HP Touchpad Tablet?

OK, let me start by admitting that I'm a 60-year-old "dinosaur", doing my best. I used to play guitar along with MIDI tracks that I created on a Roland MC-300 sequencer; now I've accepted the fact that mp3 backing tracks have replaced my beloved floppy disks and sequences. I've been using my laptop for playback, and am switching to an HP Touchpad with Beats audio. Will MixMeister Express work on the Touchpad? If so, do I purchase it from the MixMeister site or is there an app I need to get? And if it won't work, any suggestions as to how I can create playlists and have the option of going from one track to another with no pauses (like playing tracks on Windows Media Player) or, if I choose, have a pause after each song until I manually start the next one. Thanks very much.
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