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Windows 8 Version now available!

Version V7.6 is now available for Windows XP - 8.1

Like the mac version its a total rebuild and has taken a great deal of work.
We hope you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

New Features:
Support for Windows 8.1
New Smart playlists make playlists which mix well together based on your criteria
New Random playlists (Shuffle)
Performance enhancements 50 miscellaneous bugs crushed. (i.e Playlist re-ordering issues, display issues)
New import directly from iTunes
Build categories from iTunes playlists/categories
Support for the latest version of iTunes and iPod/iPhones
Supports mobile mix export to the iPad version"iDJ"
Import mobile mixes from iDJ
Improved codec and dual output support (Supports more soundcards and latest file format versions)
Improved and new FX included free of charge.
Removed broken older FX versions.
Improved FX stability prevents known unstable FX from being unloaded.
Improved MIDI support engine supports a wider range of controllers.
Faster, more reliable and stable analysis process.
Improved keycode display

How to upgrade?
Existing V7 owners may upgrade free of charge by using their serial number in the promo code box at our shopping cart to obtain a free upgrade.

IMPORTANT you must completely uninstall previous versions prior to installing this version as the settings are not compatible.

We do not support warez versions of this application. Please support further development by purchasing a license.

How to uninstall:

First Backup your Tweaks and catalog files.

The catalog, including all of your tweaks is stored in the file "catalog.mdb." Keep in mind that MixMeister also stores your tweaks in the MP3 or WMA file. You can find the catalog.mdb file in the following directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\MixMeister Technology\MixMeister Engine 7

username is the name of current user's login name.

We recommend that you backup this file from time to time.

Then proceed to add remove programs and remove all versions you may have installed.


Now install only the new version provided.